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The Healthy Hair Mask is a special product from Hair Matters Pk, it is a powdered form of 5 herbs that are used with Yoghurt and this mixture gives your hair an instant boost of moisture. You will find your hair to be much softer from the first few uses.

The mask also has a scrub-like texture so it cleanses the scalp. This mask helps in reducing dandruff and preventing oily hair. It also brings a dramatic change in the texture of your hair.

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Introducing the Healthy Hair Mask By Hair Matters :


The Healthy Hair Mask provides your hair with a weekly recovery regime as well as a nourishing and protective selection of ingredients to aid you in maintaining healthy and strong hair. 

This mask is easy to use and will show you results in the first wash.


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Haircare is significant for our appearance as well as our general hygiene. Having a strong hair care regimen permits us to put our best self forward and guarantee our hair and scalp are healthy.

It is essential to use quality hair care products to guarantee your hair is basically as beautiful and healthy as could be expected.

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The products included in this bundle are safe and healthy to use for all genders, ages, and hair types.

Store at room temperature.

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