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Hair Matters Men’s Gift Bundle is the perfect gift for your special someone, Search no further we’ve got you covered!

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Introducing Hair Matters Men’s Gift Bundle

Comes with a power duo of Men’s Hair Oil and Beard Oil from our Men’s Care Collection. A power punch of nourishing and healthy growth-promoting ingredients to address all hair concerns. Your little show of affection will go a long way by helping them sink into blissful relaxation whilst achieving healthy and easy-to-maintain hair and beard.

How to use the products included in this bundle  :
The detailed guidelines for usage can be found below
Men’s Hair Oil

For scalp health, you can apply it pre or post-shower. A pre-shower hair oil serves a purpose of a mask too, so utilize a handsome amount to maximize the nourishment your hair gets.
You’ll need to rub it into your scalp and allow it to sit for around 2 hours or a minimum of 60 minutes prior to washing.
Heating the oil to a lukewarm temperature also maximizes the relaxation and benefits.
Beard Oil

Put three to five drops of facial hair oil in the centers of your hands and rub it into your beard hair in a descending movement. Do this when your facial hair is slightly damp, but not completely wet.

Try to work it through your whole facial hair. In the event that your facial hair is long or thick, utilize a brush to ensure the facial hair oil gets uniformly appropriated.


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