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The bundle is designed to target hair issues such as weak, brittle, and dull hair. The formula aims to rectify these problems and give you manageable and healthy hair without a lot of hassle. It comes with a combination of products to include numerous different ingredients in your hair care routines. As well as a lash oil serum that helps you boost lash growth and make lashes less prone to breakage.

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Introducing the new 4 in 1 Growth Bundle:

Are you looking to grow your hair? Is your hair length stuck at a certain level? Regretting the short haircut you got? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Growth Bundle is a combination of the best products for hair & eyelash growth.

The Bundle includes the following products:


Directions for use of Hair Matters Growth Bundle :

We all know regular oiling and scalp massages are integral for stimulating new hair growth and nourishing the hair of all the nutrients stripped from them as we go through our daily lives. Take some time to slow massage a few pumps of any of your favorite hair oils , depending on what you feel your hair may be needing more.

For long and strong hair these hair oils are the best concoction of ingredients, so heat up to the oil of choice to a luke warm temperature.
Apply and preferable leave overnight or for more than 2-3 hours for best results.
Wash off with your favorite shampoo and viola.

These products are safe and beneficial to use for all ages and genders.
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