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Hair Matters Hair Oil

Our Objective

The idea behind Hair Matters is to create opportunities for local vendors and also provide the best quality of locally manufactured hair care products. We aim to change the way people perceive Pakistani businesses; we focus on the little details and hope to give our customers a satisfying and reliable experience.

Hair Matters came into being in October 2015 when I was a Junior reading Law at LUMS. My friends were thinking of business ideas and pushed me to start something of my own.

I had always been passionate about hair care. Trying different desi Totkas, making home remedies and formulating different oils. This was something that was passed on to me by my grandmother.

In my growing up, weekends and holidays consisted of an oil head massage by my naani.

I began conducting market research and soon realised that there was a huge gap in the market. A dearth of locally sourced, produced and packaged hair care products.

I knew I had to both preserve and revive our rich cultural hair care recipes.

Thats how this business came into being.

Alizeh Ali Shah